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Weaverland Rd. North to Conestoga River
1730 Cemetery Hidden by Buildings on Left
2010 May 10

1726 ca.: Three Weber (Weaver) brothers, Heinrich, Jakob and Georg, are the first to buy land in this area, and it becomes known as Weaverland. (2 p2)

Weaverland (1 p6)

The heart of Weaverland is just north of Blue Ball, PA at the intersection of Weaverland Rd. and Weaverland Valley Road (Rte. 897). Here is the home of two Mennonite churches and two cemeteries. The original cemetery of about 1730 is about a half mile north.

Weaverland (1)
by M. G. Weaver

Weaverland Mennonite Church

Groffdale, Weaverland, [an error occurred while processing this directive]
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