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Weaverland, Lancaster Co., PA

Weaverland Map
by M. G. Weaver (1 p6)

1 - 1730 ca. Weberthal Cemetery
4 - 1740 ca. Weaverland Menn. Church, Brick
6 - 1766 Blue Ball, PA
2 - 1792 Weaverland Menn. Church Cemetery
5 - 1894 Old Order Wvrlnd. Menn. Ch., Stone
3 - 1929 Cemetery of 1792 Expanded


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Weaverland Churches and Cemeteries

The two churches and three cemeteries are along Rte. 897 as it goes north to the Conestoga River from east of Blue Ball.

Family Burials

1730 Weberthal Cemetery (2,3)

George Weber (W284)
Barbara Gut (?GA3) Weber

1792 Cemetery (2,4)

Gideon Weaver
Susanna Good (GC3445) Weaver

M. G. Weaver
Elizabeth Martin Weaver

Peter Good (GC8.1)
Elizabeth Showalter Good

1730 Weberthal Cemetery, 2010 May 7
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The Weaverland Mennonite Church (Brick) is on the horizon near the center of picture. The Old Order Church (Stone) also is on the horizon behind the farm buildings on the right.

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