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1860s: About 50 miles north of Denver, CO, a community that becomes known as Hillsboro takes root. An old map shows the Hillsboro area east of Johnstown. (3 p6)

The Denver, Laramie, and Northwestern Railway Co. decides to build its line from Denver to Laramie through Hillsboro, and the people of Hillsboro welcome the railroad as a way to move their products to market. (5 p19)

1909 Mar: Railroad officials decide to build their new station east of Hillsboro. (5 p19) It is to be called Milliken Station (7), after their General Counsel John D. Milliken.

1909 Mar 15: Surveying a new town site around the new station begins. (5 p19)

1909 Jul 10: A plat of the new town is filed. It includes 320 acres once platted as Hillsboro, and the new town is named "Milliken." (5 p19)


1910 Oct 1: Milliken annexes Hillsboro, and the State of Colorado recognizes the town of Milliken, CO. (6)

1917: The Denver, Laramie, and Northwestern Railway Co. is bankrupt and a Denver junk dealer buys its asset. (8)

The old Hillsboro site is on the western edge Milliken. (2 p1)

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