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Russian Mennonite Memorial
N 38° 15.230'   W 96° 55.773'

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This memorial is just south of the Potter's Field in the northwest corner of the cemetery. It reads as follows:

This is the gravesite of over three hundred Russian Mennonites who died during a smallpox epidemic in 1874-1875.

We work with one goal in mind, namely that of helping each other so that we may be worthy of God's call and not hinder his work. We hope that a burning fire of love will be our protection and a strength for unity.

The centerpiece of the monument is a grave marker for Lelah M. Kirgan. It remains in the spot where it was found when the monument was constructed. (3)

Directly behind the memorial and about 10 yards to the east, there stands a large cedar tree. Was it planted there to mark the location of the graves of the Russian Mennonites?

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