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Groffdale, Lancaster Co., PA

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1 - Groffdale Mennonite Church (Brick)
2 - Groffdale Old Order Mennonite Church (Frame)

Groffdale Churches and Cemeteries

Selected Burials

Brick Church Cemetery

Anna Graff Good ?

No record of this burial has been found, but this is a reasonable place for this daughter of Hans Graff to be buried. Her grave might be unmarked or marked by one of the now illegible field stones. -- dg 2014 Sep 24

Barbara Schenk Burkhalter

Christian Burkhalter (B576)
Anna Graff Burkhalter

Hans Graff
Susan Orendorf Kendig Graff

Frame Church Cemetery

Joseph Burkholder
Emeline (Powl) Burkholder

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