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Edna White's Sunday School Class, 1955

Floyd Good Family Farewell Dinner, 1957

With many moving elsewhere in 1961 the membership dissolved and moved the congregation to Hesston. When the monument, which now stands where the church once did, was constructed, there were 115 graves in the cemetery.

Church Members, 1957

?Katie Good, back row, second from left

Floyd and Myrtle Good Family
Floyd,  back row, center, tallest
Myrtle, to right of Floyd
Virginia, in front of Myrtle
Ethel, left of Virginia

Clifford Stutzman Family
Clifford, back row, right of Floyd Good
Lillian, right of Myrtle Good

Lester Beck, back row, right of  Clifford

Allen and Edna White Family
Edna, right of Lillian Stutzman
Roger, kneeling center
- in front of Virginia Good
Darwin, third person to right of Roger
Daughter, between Roger and Edna

Photos from Ginny Traycik

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