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The Catlin Story

Although they contain a few minor errors, the basic story of the Catlin Mennonite Church and Cemetery is told on the memorial at the cemetery. What follows fills in a bit more.

The Catlin Mennonite Church community began in 1872 with the purchase of the SW/4 Sec. 17 by Henry and Mary (Dohner) Hornberger of Lebanon Co., PA. In 1874, the northwest corner of that land would become the site of the Hornberger Cemetery, and then in 1886, Catlin Mennonite Church would be constructed beside it. These maps of Catlin Twp. show snapshots of the ownership of the township between 1885 and 1921.




1856: "A community cemetery was started about 1856 by early pioneers and settlers." (22) ?? What cemetery does this refer to?
-- dg 2012 Jun 25

1872 Feb 8: A petition is filed in Marion Co., KS for a road between Sections 17 and 18 of Catlin Twp. (T21S, R3E). (23) That road eventually will run along the west edge of the Catlin Community Cemetery.

1872 Jun 3: Henry Hornberger of Lebanon Co., PA enters a contract to buy SW/4 Sec. 17-T21S-R3E from the Santa Fe Railroad. (33) About two acres in northwest corner of this land are the future site of the Catlin Mennonite Church and Cemetery.

1873 May 19: The State of Kansas grants a land patent for Sec. 17-T18S-R3E to the Santa Fe Railroad. (24)

1873: The Henry & Mary Hornberger family arrives from Lebanon Co., PA to become the first Mennonite family of the Catlin settlement. (32 p130)

1874 Mar 2: Anna Mary Hornberger, daughter of Henry and Mary, dies. She is buried on the northwest corner of the family farm, marking the beginning of the Hornberger Cemetery. (22)

1874 Apr 5: Elisabeth Evers, newly arrived from Rockingham Co., VA, dies; buried Hornberger Cemetery, just a short way south of Anna. (25 frames 40-48) (32 p130)

1874 Sep-Oct: The Hopefield Children are buried on Bro. H. Hornberger's farm. (26)

1874-1883: The Hornberger and Evers families are joined by 12 more families from the east.

1875: The Judge, Eakin, Evers, and Hornberger families appear on the 1875 Kansas Census (27), and they now appear in the Cemetery Directory (2).

These families attend union services at the Weaver School one mile north of the Hornberger Cemetery and at Canada and Marion, KS. The 1885 Davy Atlas of Marion Co. shows the Weaver School as "Sch. No. 40" in Sec. 7 of Catlin Twp. (28)

1877 Nov 17: Mary and Henry Hornberger complete the purchase of their farm on SW/4 Sec. 17, including the cemetery, from the Santa Fe Railroad. (31)

When it becomes apparent that the Hornberger Cemetery is destined to become the community burial ground, other graves from the earlier community cemetery one mile south, the Hershinger Graveyard, are moved to the Hornberger Cemetery.

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