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Black Muddy Creek

1737 Jan 9: Robert Warburton warrants 177 acres spanning Black Creek in southeastern Lancaster Co., PA. See tract (E-9) on map shown here.

1737 Sep 21: William Morris warrants 231 acres just west of Robert Warburton.

1738 Jun 15: John Musselman (husband of Anna Good (GC1)), Jacob Good (GC2), and Christian Good (GC3) each warrant land along the main branch of Muddy Creek about two miles north of Black Creek.

Black Creek Land Sale of 1768

1768 Jan 21: William Morris patents and subdivides the Warburton land (E-9).

____ Feb 19: Jacob Brunkard buys 59.5 acres along the north boundary of (E-9).

____ Feb 19: Christian Schwartz begins accumulating parts of (E-9).

____ Feb 19: Christopher Keg buys 15 acres and 7 perches of (E-9).

____ Feb 24: Joseph Wanger buys 20 acres and 22 perches of (E-9).

____ Aug 12: Henry Good (GC8) buys Jacob Brunkard's part of (E-9).

1773 Oct 12: Christian Schwartz now also owns the (E-9) land of Christopher Keg and Joseph Wanger.

1783 Jul 2: Robert Mathers buys the (E-9) land of Christian Schwartz.

1787 Mar 29: Henry Good (GC8) buys Robert Mather's part of (E-9), which is just south of what Henry bought in 1768. Henry now owns about 115 acres that span Black Creek.

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