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Henri Ulysse Huguenin du Mittan

1844 Feb 13: Born in Switzerland to Henri-Frédéric Huguenin du Mittan and Julie-Adèle Courvoisier-Piot (1-4)

1844 Mar 16: Ulysse is christened at La Brévine, a village not far from La Chaux-de-Fonds. (3)

1865 Dec: Ulysse is certified to teach primary school. (13)

1871 May 10: Henri Ulysse Huguenin du Mittan marries Louise Eugénie Perret at Le Locle, CH. (3,5,6)

  1872 May 16: Paul (7)
  1873 Jul 11: Robert
  1875 Sep  7: Emma
  1880 Feb   : Alford (10)
  ??_________: Child? (5)
  1886 Mar  6: Rose Adelle
  1888 Jun 15: Oscar
  1891 Jul 19: Edmond

  1876 May 26: Elise (8)
  ___________: Ed Wyssenback (11)

?? Children. Eugenie's 1898 obituary (5) says "Eight children were born to them, six of whom and the husband survive her." The surviving six were Paul, Robert, Emma, Rose, Oscar, and Ed. Alford appears in the 1880 US Census. (10) So far, no other evidence of Alford or another child has been found. -- dg 2009 Jul 27

Elise Landry and Ed Wyssenbak are raised as members of the family, but Ulysse and Eugenie are not their genetic parents. Elise is the daughter of Ulysse's sister, Louise-Eugénie Landry, and she comes with the family when they immigrate in 1878. Ed Wyssenback returns with Ulysse on one of his return visits to Switzerland.

1878 Feb 28: The Ulysse Huguenin family emigrates from the area of Neuchâtel, CH and arrives at the Port of New York on the ship Labrador sailing from Le Havre, FR. Those arriving are Ulysse, Eugenie, Paul, Robert, Emma, Elise, and also Ulysse's brother Louis and a Marie Huguenin. (9) The family moves on to settle near Peabody, KS. (5)

Eugenie's granddaughter Jane Good, who inherited this small oil lamp, says Eugenie brought it with her from Switzerland.

The Labrador's captain gave two year old Emma this plate from China.

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See (13) for some other items that came from Switzerland.

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