Ulrich Burkhalter (B57)

1699 Feb 11: Born to Benedict Burkhalter (B5) and Anna Kohler of Rüderswil, Switzerland who lived on the Steinberg farm. (1,2)

1728 ca: Ulrich moves to La Heutte. (1,3) The predominant language of this area of Switzerland is French, rather than the German of the Burkhalter family.

Ulrich Burkhalter (B57) marries [an error occurred while processing this directive]. (1,3,4)

  1734 ___ __: Barbara
  1735 ___ __: Anna
  1737 ___ __: Ulrich    (B573)
  1740 ___ __: Elizabeth
  1743 May  7: Peter     (B575)
  1746 Jun  1: Christian (B576)

1745: Christian is not yet born, but a census record of the Swiss Bishopric of Basel shows all of this family except Christian living at La Heutte. (3) Years later, Bishop Christian Burkholder (B576) lists these siblings and gives their birth years in his Martyrs' Mirror. (4)

Ulrich and Barbli are making plans to emigrate to Pennsylvania when tragedy strikes. (1)

1754: Ulrich Burkhalter (B57) dies at La Heutte. (1)

Barbli goes ahead with the emigration, and the trip begins with a trip down the Rhine River to Rotterdam, NL. (1)

1754 Jul 22: In Rotterdam, the emigrants board the ship Phoenix under Captain John Spurrier. (1)

1754 Oct 1: Barbara and her six children arrive in Philadelphia on the Phoenix. (1)

1789: Barbara Schenk Burkhalter dies; buried at Groffdale (Brick) Mennonite Church Cemetery. (1,5)


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