Susie M. Evers

Susie May Evers

1892 Jun 14: Born near Peabody, KS to Abram Harvey Evers and Mary Elizabeth Newcomer. (1,3)

1892 Jul 8: Susie M. Evers dies, age 24 days; buried Catlin Community Cemetery. (2)


1. Birth date calculated from grave marker.

2. Grave marker at Catlin Community Cemetery.

3. "Obituaries" in Gospel Herald, Vol. XXXIII, No. 51 (Mennonite Church of North America, 1941 Mar 20), p1086-7. Also www.mcusa-archives.o...bits/41/mar1941.html (MennObits; accessed 2011 Aug 31). Abram Harvey Evers, Isaac B. Good.

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