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1842 Sep 13: Born (17) along a branch of Turkey Run in the valley of Rush Creek near Bremen, OH to Jacob Huber and [an error occurred while processing this directive] (13, p192).

1850 US Census. Susanna, age seven, is living with her parents and several of her siblings in Monday Creek Twp., Perry Co., OH. (16) She is the baby of the family. Her brother John, age 27, already has provided her a nephew, Jacob B., who is just two years younger than she is.

1858 May 27: Susanna's father Jacob dies.

Because Susanna is only 15, Emanuel Merricle is named as her guardian. (13, A11-13)

1860 Oct 4: After becoming 18 on Sep 13, Susanna collects $700 from the sale of 360 acres of land to her brothers.

    $ Acres County           Deed
                    (13, Appendix)

  200    80 Hocking
            E/2 SE/4 1-15N-17W
            To Benjamin Huber p42

  200    80 Perry
            W/2 SE/4 6-14N-16W
            To Jacob Huber    p32

  200   160 Putnam
            NW/4 25-1S-5E
            To Jacob Huber    p47

  100    40 Putnam
            NW/4 SE/4 25-1S-5E
            To John Huber     p47

The buyers in these deeds are identified as heirs of Jacob Huber, and the Final Account of the estate settlement of Susanna's father Jacob identifies his children John, Elisabeth, Jacob, Benjamin, Samuel, and Susanna as his heirs. (13 Appendix p21)

1863 Dec 28: Susanna's mother Elisabeth dies.

1864 Mar 3: Joel Good and Susanna Huber are married by Samuel Tussing in Perry Co., OH. (17)

   1866 Jul 26: George
   1869 Feb 22: Isaac B.
   1871 Sep 18: Benjamin Franklin
   1874 Apr 29: Charles Aaron
   1877 Jan  6: John Henry
   1879 Apr 11: Emanuel E.
   1881 Jun 15: Fannie
   1884 Aug 23: Minnie Alice

The dates of the marriage and the births of the children are from the Joel Good family Bible. (17)

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