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1840 Jan 1: Born to John S. Heatwole and Nancy Swank. (1 p20)

1859 Nov 17: Henry G. Brunk marries Susanna Heatwole. (1 p20,23,24)

  1860 Sep 19: John Albert
  1862 Sep 17: Sarah C. (2 f58)
  1865 Jun 29: Joseph F.
  1867 Mar 22: Henrietta
  1868 Jun 30: Fannie J. (2 f57)
  1870 Mar  4: Minnie
  1871 Dec 31: George R.
  1873 Dec  6: Henry G. Jr.

1861: US Civil War begins.

1862: Henry G. joins a group of men going to Ohio to avoid induction into the Confederate army. Their guide is Abraham P. Good. The group is captured by Confederate scouts. In time, Henry serves briefly as a Confederate teamster before escaping and going into hiding for two and a half years. (1 p21)

1862 Dec 5: Son John Albert dies; buried Bank Mennonite Church Cemetery. Henry watches the burial from the edge of the crowd, undetected by Confederate scouts there to capture him. (3) (1 p21)

Henry and Susan move to near Atkinson, Illinois where their children Joseph, Henrietta, Fannie, Minnie, and George are born. (1 p23)

1865: US Civil War ends.

1873 Oct 13: Henry and Susan and their family arrive at their intended new home six miles west of Marion, KS. Susan is pregnant, and several members of the family are ill. (1 p24)

1873 Oct 21: Henry G. Brunk dies (1 p24); buried in what becomes the Brunk Family Cemetery.

1873 Dec 6: Henry G. Brunk, Jr. is born and named for his deceased father.

1873 Dec 19: Daughter Fannie dies.

1873 Dec 22: Daughter Sarah dies.

1874 Apr 4: Son Henry dies.

Fannie, Sarah, and Henry Jr. are buried beside their father. George R. becomes seriously ill, but survives. (1 p24)

Son Henry G., Sarah C., Fannie J., Henry G.
More (2 f48-72)

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