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1810 May 22: Born to Christian Beery and Catherine Frank near what would later become Bremen, OH. (1, pp 59 "Susan," 67, 81)

1831 Nov 5: David Good marries [an error occurred while processing this directive] (1, p67) (4)

  1833 Oct  8: Aaron
  1835 Nov 22: Joel
  1849 Jun  2: Susanna (twin)
             : d. Jun 29
  1849 Jun  2: Sarah (twin)
  1851 ___ __: Inf. dau.
             : d. Oct 14

The information for Susanna and their other, unnamed infant daughter is taken from their grave markers where they rest near their mother at the Laurel Chapel Cemetery about four miles south of Bremen, OH. See the cemetery pages for details.


Inf. dau.


1840: US Census. According to, the 1840 census for Rush Creek Twp., Fairfield Co., OH shows a David Good with a family whose ages fit David, Susanah, Aaron, and Joel. However, this David Good household also has another boy under five, two more boys 1-15, two girls 5-10, and one girl 10-15. (14) This David Good family appears on the census page just above a Joseph Goode, and he might be David's father.

This same census page also shows another David Good family, with this David being 50-60. This age bracket fits another David Good, who also was in the area, until he died August 21, 1840. This is David's Uncle David, a brother of his father Joseph,

1850 Sep 25: US Census. David and Susanah are living with their children Aaron, Joel, and Sarah in Marion Twp. of Hocking Co., OH. David is listed as a farmer owning $2,500 of real estate. (15) This same census page shows the families of David's mother Magdalena and two of his brothers, Abraham and Noah.

Daughter Sarah dies young, but older than 11. (1, p67)

1855 Jan 15: [an error occurred while processing this directive] Good dies. Buried at Laurel Chapel Cemetery.

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