Siegfried Krebs

1915 approx: Born. (7)

Before 1944: Siegfried Krebs marries Anneliese ________. (3,6)

  1946 approx: Ursula (4)
  1948 May 31: Walter (5)

1943: Captured as a German soldier when the Axis powers were defeated in Africa. (1)

1944-45: Held as a prisoner of war in Peabody, KS. While in Peabody, he worked on the farm of Irvin Good and others in the area. (1)

1947-48 Letters to Irvin Good.

Ursula, Anneliese, Siegfried (1)
About 1946-47

Some years later: Siegfried returned to Peabody for a visit.

2002 Jun 20: Siegfried Krebs dies. (7)

2003 Apr 21: Contact is made with Siegfried's son Walter with the help of Kersten Horn. (7)


1. Jane Huguenin Good, "As I Remember" (1982). Also localhost/family/peo...s/1982/11-23/hs.html (2002 Jul 1). p107.

2. Jane Huguenin Good. p104. SK was 22 when he worked on the farm. If he was 22 in 1944, he would be 80 in 2002.

3. Jane Huguenin Good. While he was a POW, SK had a wife in Germany. She also is mentioned in his letters to Irvin.

4. A letter dated Jun 15, 1947 mentions a small daughter Ursula.

5. A letter dated Aug 17, 1948 mentions a son named Walter born on May 31.

6. The spelling of "Anneliese" comes from an April 21, 2003 email from Siegried's son Walter to Kersten Horn.

7. Date from April 21, 2003 email from Siegried's son Walter to Kersten Horn. Kersten is a graduate student in Germanic Studies at The University of Texas at Austin who has helped translate Siegfried's German letters.

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