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1844 Jul 7: Born. (1 p247)

1862 Dec 2: Jacob Gaiser marries Sarah Petry in Tipton Co., IN. (1 p3,247)

  1863 Nov 20: Susan
  1865 Sep 28: Abraham
  1867 Oct  6: Frances Allory
  1869 Nov 17: Noah Otto
  1873 Feb  2: John Franklin
  1875 Nov  1: Elizabeth May
  1877 Dec  2: Harvey Jacob
  1880 Nov  3: Charles Jerome
  1883 Aug 17: Joseph Henry

In Indiana, Jacob makes a living as a carpenter. (6)

1870 Jun 21: Jacob and Sarah are living in Cicero Twp. of Tipton Co. with children Susanna, Abraham, Frances, and Noah. (3)

1880 Jun 21: They still are living in Cicero Twp. with three more children John F., Elizabeth, and Harvey J. (4)

1883 Aug 17: Their youngest son Joseph is born at their new home near Canada, KS. (1 p3)

1885 Mar 1: The Kansas Census shows the entire family living in Wilson Twp. of Marion Co., KS near Canada. (12)

While the family is living here, Frances is married and leaves for her new home in the country of Canada.

Soon after Frances leaves, Jacob and Sarah and their remaining family move to Peabody, KS. (6)

When Jacob falls from a wagon and breaks his hip, Sarah goes to work to help support the family. (6)

1900 Jun 8: The Jacob Gaiser family is living on Vine St. in Peabody. (5)

In Peabody, they are neighbors of the Ulysse Huguenin family. (1 p3)

1900 Jul 15: Sarah Petry Gaiser dies (1 p247); buried Prairie Lawn Cemetery, Peabody, KS. (2 p4)



Her children John Franklin and Elizabeth May and their spouses are buried beside her.

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