Sarah A. Good

1851 May 12: Born in Hocking Co., OH to John S. Good and Sarah Grimm. (1,3)

1874 Nov 2: John F. Markwell marries Sarah A. Good. (2)

  Six children.

1902: J. F. Markwell (John & Sarah) own 48 acres along the Nodaway River just south of L. Good (Lydia Good). (4)

?? What was the purpose of the "diagonal" part of the property line between these two pieces of land? Most property lines in this area are simply east/west or north/south.
-- dg 2012 Feb 25

1905 Feb 16: John F. Markwell dies; buried Butler Cemetery, Page Co., IA. (1)

1907 Oct: Sarah A. Good Markwell marries J. F. Bates. (3)

1930 Oct 8: Sarah A. Good Markwell Bates dies at the home of her parents, John S. & Sarah Good (3); buried beside her first husband John F. Markwell at Butler Cemetery, Page Co., IA. (1)


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