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Samuel Gút/Guth

1727 Immigration

1776 Will

?? Are these signatures by the same person? What follows assumes that they are.
-- dg 2010 Aug 15

This is the Samuel Good who arrived in Philadelphia on the Molly in 1727, along with [an error occurred while processing this directive].

1710 ca.: Born. (2p26)

1727 Sep 30: Samuel arrives at Penn's Landing in Philadelphia, PA as an immigrant on the ship Molly, along with [an error occurred while processing this directive] and others.

"Samuell Good" appears on the captain's list (3-1 p13) of 72 Palatine men over the age of 16. Two of those are reported dead and seven sick. Names are not given for the women and children who completed the total of about 300 persons.





Samuel signs the oath of allegiance just below Peter.

Signatures from (3-2p3).

?? "Others on the [Molly] included Samuel Gut, who also settled in the same area of Lancaster County [as Peter], and probably was a brother of Peter Good (GC)." (2p19)

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