Ruth Alice Schmidt


1910 Apr 24: Born in Harper, KS to Samuel Schmidt and Alice Shupe. (1)

1947 May 4: Andrew Hershberger marries Ruth Alice Schmidt (1)

  1948 May 27: Donald Ray
  1949 Jul 30: Roy Dean
  1954 Oct 19: Dale Edward

1972 Jul 14: Andrew dies in Harper, KS (1). Buried in Pleasant Valley Cemetery near Harper. (3)

2005 Jan 13: Ruth dies in Hesston, KS (2); buried Jan 17 in Pleasant Valley Cemetery near Harper, KS. (3)

She is buried between her husband Andrew and son Donald on one side and her parents on the other (3).

Ruth has been a value source of information about the Noah Good family.

Family Material

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o Ruth Hershberger and Donald I Good, "Photos(48): Good Family Pictures," localhost/family/peo...s/2004/06-09/hs.html (2004 Jun 9). Some pictures from Ruth of Grace Esther Good and some of Ruth's relatives.

o Donald I Good, "Audio: Conversation with Ruth Hershberger" (2004 Jun 9). Conversation with Ruth while taking "Photos(48): Good Family Pictures."


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