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Books by Romaine

o Romaine Stauffer, The History of Mid-Atlantic Mennonite Fellowship 1972-2013 (Myerstown, PA: Little Mountain Printing, 2014). Also This book contains a short history of each of the 24 churches that were part of the Mid-Atlantic Mennonite Fellowship in 2013. Twenty of the congregations are located in Pennsylvania, two in Missouri, one in New York, and one in Maryland. The book also contains short biographies of the 132 ordained man who have served during these years.

o Romaine Stauffer, Aaron's Civil War (Harrisonburg, VA: Christian Light Publications, 2011). I've been pushed around all my life, Aaron thought. Somebody is always telling me what to do, when to do it, and where to go. I'm sick of it. Lured by the promise of adventure, travel, and a large bonus, Aaron Stauffer turned his back on his training and his mother's tears and enlisted to fight in the Civil War. His heart swelled with pride and patriotism as he shouldered his newly acquired musket and marched behind the colorful banner of his company while the band played stirring music. He felt powerful enough to win the war single-handedly and return in a matter of weeks as a hero. But things did not go the way he had dreamed Army life was not what he had been led to believe it would be. Euphoria turned to miser and fear and questions as the horrible realities of war brought him face to face with the enemy -- and death. As Aaron looks for answers to the questions he can no longer avoid, he discovers the Civil War has become, for him an intensely personal battle.

o Romaine Stauffer, A Home for Sarah (Masthof Press, 2006). Sarah was the oldest of Amos and Amanda Wenger's six children. Sarah's father worked hard to provide for the family while her mother lovingly cared for the children. They were part of the Old Order Stauffer Mennonite congregation who worshiped at the Pike Mennonite Church near Hinkletown, Pennsylvania. Sarah was too young to understand how the Great Depression and adverse circumstances had combined to impoverish her family. She took for granted the happiness and security she enjoyed in her home. Then, when she was ten years old, tragedy struck. Her home was suddenly shattered and life forever changed. For years, Sarah was cut off from her family. She moved from place to place, always longing for security and a home where she belonged. Every time she thought her desire was within reach, she was once more forced to move on. During her teen years, World War II spread around the globe. In a world that was so insecure, how could she even hope for security? Did she ever find it?

o Romaine Stauffer, Crayonbox Collection (Christian Light Publications, 2005). This book contains 35 short stories for children, ages 6-8, which were printed in Sunday School quarterlies written by Romaine Stauffer for Christian Light Publications. The majority of these stories are true, or based on actual happenings.

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