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1737 Jan 9: Robert Warburton warrants 177 acres (E-9) along Black Muddy Creek in Lancaster Co., PA. (7 p673-4) The Black Muddy is a tributary of Muddy Creek, and some maps now call it just Black Creek. (Gmaps)

The warrant for (E-9) was one of the earliest issued in Brecknock Twp. (1), and it shows on the maps for East Earl (2) and Caernarvon Townships (3).

1737 Sep 21: William Morris warrants 231 acres along Black Muddy Creek just west and downstream of Robert Warburton. (1)

1738 May 19: Tract (E-9) in "Carnarvan Township" is surveyed to "Evan Hugh in Right of Robert Warburton." (4)

1738 Jun 15: John Musselman, [an error occurred while processing this directive] and [an error occurred while processing this directive] warrant land along Muddy Creek in Brecknock Twp., about 1.5 miles north of the Warburton land.

1768 Jan 21: Robert Warburton sells his 177 acres to his neighbor William Morris. Less than a month later, he begins to subdivide the tract and resell it. (6)

1768 Feb 19: William Morris sells 59.5 acres along the northern boundary of the (E-9) to Jacob and Margaretha Brunkard.

1768 Aug 12: After holding that land for only six months, the Brunkards resell those same 59.5 acres to Henry Good (GC8).

See (4) for more about the subdivision and reselling of the Warburton land.

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