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1780 Oct 28: Robert Good (GS) is the farmer in Caernarvon Twp. of Lancaster Co., PA who owns three slaves, Moses age 20, Peter age 17 and Hager age 6. (1 p46)

1784 Oct 4: Robert Good (GE) writes his will (2).

_____: Robert Good (GE) dies.

1784 Mar 24: A posthumous inventory of the property of [an error occurred while processing this directive] is signed. (3)

- Both reside in Caernarvon Twp. (1 p46) (2)

- Robert (GS) is a former. (1 p46) The will (2), inventory (3) and administrative account (4) of Robert (GE) show him to be a wealthy man who lends money, but they say nothing about his being a farmer and land is not mentioned as an asset.

- Both are slave owners.

- The slaves Robert (GS) owns in 1780 are Moses, Peter and Hager. The slaves that Robert (GE) owns in 1784 are Hetty and Bob. (1)

This is the evidence currently available, and it is inconclusive. -- dg 2014 Dec 28

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