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  1784 Mar 3 Admin Account
William Good (GR)

1784 Oct 4 Will
Robert Good (GE)

Robert's will states that he resides in Caernarvon Twp. of Lancaster Co., PA. The "GE" label is one used for him in (1989).

1761 Mar 10: [an error occurred while processing this directive] marries Jane Davies.

  1766      : GE1 Mary/Polly
                  m. Henry Weaver
            : GE2 Jane
                  m. Jonathan Jones
            : GE3 John
                  m. Rebecca Jones
  1771 Mar 4: GE4 James
                  m. Hannah Jones
            : GE5 William
  1779 Dec 4: GE6 Robert
                  m. Jane Good Lewis

This family information is based on the sources in Appendix A. Robert's will of 1784 also names two Negro slaves.

            : Het/Hetty
            : Bob, her brother

The Davies Family owned several tracts of land in Caernarvon Twp., including Tract #18 west of Churchtown. Jane's grandfather Gabriel Davies patented Tract #18 in 1744, and it became the site of the historic Poole Forge.

1764: Jane's father Edward Davies m MD dies. (1903 p146)

The posthumous estate documents of Robert Good (GE) show that he was a money lender.

1775 Oct 1: For example, as repayment of a loan of 150 pounds, Robert Good (GE) acquires 23 acres where Griffeth Evans and his wife Ann live.

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