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1879 Mar 28: Born to Joseph Burkholder and Laura Graham. (3)

1904 Jan 2: Robert Burkholder marries Besse Grey in Marion Co., KS. (1)

?? When were Robert and Bessie married?

Their marriage license (1) says they were married on January 2, 1903, but that probably is a mistake. The license was issued in 1904, and every other date on the license is 1904. Further, the report of Robert's death in the October 13, 1904 issue of the newspaper published in nearby Marion, Kansas says Robert and Bessie were married "about a year ago." -- dg 2012 Dec 14

1904 Oct 7: Robert L. Burkholder dies when struck by a Rock Island train in Aulne, KS; buried Claney Cemetery (KS). (2)

1904 Oct 13: From the Marion County Record:

"Word was received, Friday afternoon, of a distressing accident at Aulne, in which Robert Burkholder, a nephew of Sam Burkholder, a young man about 25 years of age, was run over by the cars and instantly killed. The young man was the village blacksmith. He was a large, strong man, in perfect health. He was a graduate of the Manhattan Agricultural college and was married about a year ago. It will never be known just how he met his death, but it is supposed that he was attempting to cross over the Rock Island work train, which blocked the crossing, and that it starting unexpectedly caused him to lose his balance, and threw him between the cars. He was talking with Charlie Davis, in front of his store, just a few moments before the accident occurred and was seen to go toward the east, in the direction of his shop. That a strong man should thus be struck down, without a moment's warning, is inexpressibly sad. The great shock to his delicate, young wife, and his relatives, touches every heart with the keenest sympathy. The deceased was greatly esteemed by all who knew him. The funeral services were held Saturday afternoon, and were attended by a large company of sorrowing friends. The interment was in Claney cemetery."

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