Richard Eugene Good

1954 Oct 17:  Born in Newton, KS to Charles Irvin Good and Jane Mercedes Huguenin. (1)

1980 Oct 4: Richard Eugene Good marries Karen Leigh Shaull in Colorado Springs, CO. (1)

  1978 Mar 21: Jeffrey Andrew
  1983 Jun 25: Andria Dawn

Family Material

o Richard & Karen Good, "Collected Material, Page Co., IA," localhost/family/peo...s/1999/08-20/hs.html (1999 Mar 2). Photos and documents regarding the David Good family and others.

o Richard Good, "Huguenin Grocery, Cottonwood Falls, KS," localhost/family/peo...s/2003/12-23/hs.html (2003 Dec 23).

o Richard Good, "Oscar and Pearl Huguenin in Cottonwood Falls" (2004 Dec 11). Also localhost/family/peo...s/2004/12-11/hs.html (2007 Aug 19).

o Richard Good, "Trip Report for September 11, 2009," Email to Donald I Good, 2009 Sep 13. Re: Oscar Huguenin family in Labette Co., KS.


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