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Peter Burkholder (B575)

1743 May 7: Born to Ulrich Burkhalter (B57) and [an error occurred while processing this directive] at La Heutte, Switzerland. (1)

1754 Oct 1: Peter arrives in Philadelphia, PA on the ship Phoenix, along with his mother and five siblings. See his mother [an error occurred while processing this directive] for more about the voyage and arrival. (1)

Peter Burkhalter (B575) marries Margaret Huber. (1)

  1772 Dec 10: Barbara
  1774 ca:   : Maria
  1776 Mar 20: David
  1777 Sep 29: Elizabeth
  1780 ca.   : Ulrich
  1783 Aug 27: Peter
  1785 ca:   : Henry
  1786 ca:   : Anna

1792 Dec 11: A survey was made for Peter Burkholder of 555 acres along Cedar Run in Rockingham Co., VA. (2) This land is just across Cedar Run from Trissels Mennonite Church. The buildings behind the trees in the picture above are on this land, and it is believed that Peter and Margaret's original home was beside a spring nearby.

1798: Margaret Huber Burkholder dies;
buried Trissels Mennonite Church Cemetery. (7 Frame 8)


This original marker for Margaret has been recut and is on display at the Valley Brethern - Mennonite Heritage Center at Harrisonburg. The 1979 marker at Trissels for both Margaret and Peter says what generally was believed about him at the time.

Cedar Run viewed from Trissels Cemetery

In Sacred Memory
Margaret Huber
1750 - 1798
Wife of
Peter Burkholder, Sr.
1748 - 1799
Buried in
Groffdale Cemetery
Lancaster, PA
Erected by Descendants

However, documents (3-6) from the Rockingham County Courthouse and the Library of Virgina show that Peter was alive beyond 1799.

1801 Dec 24: A patent is issued to Peter Burkholder for the 555 acres surveyed in 1792. (3)

1812 ca.: Peter Burkholder (B575) dies. (4)

Peter's nuncupative will is certified and proved in Lancaster Co., PA. (4)

1812 Nov 17: Peter's will is recorded in Rockingham Co., VA. (4)

1813 Mar 16: Estate sale for Peter Burkholder. (5)

1813 May: Estate release for deceased daughters Anna and Mary. (8)

1813 Aug 7: Administrative account for Peter Burkholder estate. (6)

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