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Pearl Comfort Sydenstricker


1892 Jun 26: Born in Hillsboro, WV to Absalom Sydenstricker and Caroline Stulting. (7)

1892: At the age of three months, Pearl's parents return to China where they are Southern Presbyterian missionaries, and she lives there for the next forty years. (7)

1917: John Lossing Buck marries Pearl Comfort Sydenstricker. (7)

  1921: Carol
  1925: Janice

1935: Richard Walsh marries Pearl S. Buck. (7)

  Six children

1935: The Good Earth wins the Pulitzer Prize. (7)

1938: Pearl S. Buck is the first American to win the Nobel Prize in literature. (7)

1973 Mar: Pearl S. Buck dies, buried at Green Hills Farm in Bucks Co. PA. (7)

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