Paul Huguenin du Mittan

1872 May 16: Born in Switzerland (3) to Henri Ulysse Huguenin and Louise Eugénie Perret. (1)

Paul Huguenin marries Vivia Mehew. (1) (4)

  1894 Aug 20: Dwight V.
             : Lowell B.

Ellis Island, NY records show two arrivals for a Paul Huguenin.

  1893 July (age 30)  [Age doesn't match]
  1919 Nov 19 (age 48) [Age matches]

1933 Dec 4: Paul Huguenin dies when his cattle truck is hit by a train. (1 p72) He was driving home after having been stung by bees he was keeping. (2) Buried at Prairie Lawn Cemetery, Peabody, KS.

1941: Vivia Mehew Huguenin dies; buried Prairie Lawn Cemetery.


1. Jane Huguenin Good, "As I Remember" (1982). Also localhost/family/peo...s/1982/11-23/hs.html (2002 Jul 1). p255. This source give Paul's birth year as 1871, but see notes for his father Ulysse Huguenin.

2. Lawrence Leon Proctor. "Personal Communication." (2002 August).

3. "Branch Twp., Marion Co., Kansas" in 1880 Federal Population Census (US Census Bureau, 1880 Jun 18). Also Microfilm available through US National Archives. Ulysse Huguenin., p4.

4. "Vivia" is the name on her grave marker at Prairie Lawn Cemetery. In (1) it is "Viva."

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