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1738 May 19

This is a copy of a survey dated May 19, 1738 of 177 acres warranted on January 9, 1737 to "Evan Hugh in Right of Robert Warburton" in "Carnarvan Township" of Lancaster Co., PA. (1 pE-9)

(1 pE-9)

Survey copy provided by Romaine Stauffer, 2013 Jul 22.

In 2014, most of this land is in Brecknock Twp., and the creek that flows across it is Black Creek. Black Creek flows east to west into Muddy Creek just south of Fivepointville, PA. In earlier times, this "Black Creek" has been known as "Black Muddy Creek" (5) or just "Muddy Creek."

(1 pE-9)


Measurement Discrepancies

This survey does not agree with later documents about parts of (E-9).

1. Satellite imagery shows that the creek branch flowing into Black Creek on (E-9) enters from the north rather than the south. Warrant maps (Psa-wln-eel) agree with the survey.

2. Later deeds for parts of (E-9) to Jacob Brunkard (2), Robert Mathers (3) and Jacob Snider (4) disagree with the measurements in the survey.

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