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George Otto Bierly

1868 Aug: Born to Adam and Lucinda Bierly. (1,5)

1870 Aug 17: George Otto (age 2) is living with his parents and sisters in Lycoming Co. PA. (1)

1880 Jun 21: At age 11, George still is with his parents and sisters, but the family now is living in Center Twp. of Ottawa Co., KS. (2)

1885 Mar 1: Otto (age 16) and his sister Catherine (age 15) are living with their parents in Bennington, KS. (3)

1888 Oct 20: Otto's father Adam dies and is buried in Minneapolis, KS.

1895 Mar 1: The Kansas Census for Ottawa Co., KS lists Otto first in a household with his mother Lucinda and sister Kittie. (4)

1900 Jun 5: The US Census shows "Geo. D. Bierly" in Kickapoo Twp. of Lincoln Co., OK. (5) Otto's sister Katherine is now Mrs. Abraham Gaiser, and they also are in Kickapoo Twp. (6)

1903 Dec: Otto has a homestead of 160 acres on the northeast quarter of Sec. 13 of Bryan Twp. of Lincoln Co. Abraham and Katherine have another 160 acres on Sec. 25, just three miles south. (7,8)

1910 Apr 21: The US Census shows Otto heading a household in Bryan Twp. that includes Abram, Cathran E. and their daughter Hazel. (9)

1910 Nov 14: Otto purchases Abraham and Katherine's homestead on Sec. 25. (10,11)

Bryan Twp. (13N-2E), 1903 (8)

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Green Arrow: NE corner of Otto's 160 acres

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