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1888 Jun 15: Born in Kansas to Henri Ulysse Huguenin and Louise Eugénie Perret. (1)

1900 Jun: Oscar A. Huguenin, age 11, appears on the U. S. Census in Wilson Twp. of Marion Co., KS. (10) The middle initial A. has not been found in any other document. -- dg 2017 Aug 3

1910: Oscar moves by train with the Durward Proctor and Riley Bailey families and Charlie Dye to near Windham, MT. (1, 5)

1914 Jan 3: Oscar Huguenin marries Frances Pearl Lauck . (1 p257)

  1914 Nov 23: Jane Mercedes
  1916 Nov 10: Wesley Vernon

1914 Sep 14: Oscar homesteads an 80 acre farm located near Windham, MT.

1916 Sep 9: Oscar buys the East 40 next to the Homestead 80.

1916 Dec: Oscar and Pearl move to a farm near Sejita, TX. (2, pp13-42)

1923 approx. Oscar and Pearl move from Sejita, TX to Peabody, KS. (2, p42)

Notes and pictures of early homes in and around Peabody, KS.

Montana Homestead, about 1915
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Leon Proctor at homesite, 2002
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1945: Huguenin grocery in Cottonwood Falls, KS. (3,4)

1952 Oct 15: Pearl dies; buried Prairie Lawn Cemetery.

1977 Jun 20: Oscar dies in Peabody, KS; buried in Prairie Lawn Cemetery.

Family Material

o Oscar Huguenin, "Family History Collection" (1977). Selections localhost/family/peo...ubs/1977/FHC/hs.html (2001 Sep 4).

o Oscar and Pearl Huguenin, "Huguenin/Lauck Family History Collection" (1977 Jun 20). Also localhost/family/peo...s/2002/02-09/hs.html (41 photos, Donald I Good, 2002 Feb 9). Material inherited by their daughter Jane Good.

o Helen Marie Cooper, The Wealth She Gathered, ed. Gertrude Helen Cooper (Chapman & Grimes, 1950). This well-written book tells the story of the Cooper family and also a great deal about early Peabody, KS. Gertrude Cooper was a friend of Oscar and Pearl.

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