Orpha M. Bare

1876 Oct 25: Born to Benjamin W. Bare and Magdalena Good. Twin of Nancy Ann; died at birth.

?? Are these her parents? This is not certain, but here is the evidence.

- Orpha M. Bare appears on the cemetery records of the Catlin Mennonite Church, but no dates are given.

- Kate Bare Underwood tells us that her sister Nancy was of two twin girls, and the other died at birth. (1 p12)

- We are told that the Benjamin Bare family attended the Catlin church during the time when Nancy was born, Oct 25, 1876. (1,2)


1. Kate Underwood, "Re: Notes on the Benjamin W. Bare Family" (1976 Jul).

2. Olive Bare, "The Joseph Bare Family History" (1987 Jul 7). Joseph, son of Benjamin W. Bare.

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