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1850 ca.: Born in IN. (5)

?? Is "Mellie" a nickname for "Mary Ellen?"
-- dg 2011 Jul 31

1869 May 10: The Central Pacific meets the Union Pacific at Promontory, Utah to complete the world's first transcontinental railroad.

1871 Oct 1: John D. Milliken marries Mellie V. Skinner of Red Wing, MN in Emporia, KS. (2, 5)

  1872 Oct 12: Chasie
  1875 May  7: Lola Vida
  1881 Oct 15: Maitland

1871 ___ __: John D. is elected County Surveyor of Marion Co., KS. (2)

?? Was the election in November?
-- dg 2011 Jul 26

1872 Dec: The Milliken family returns to Mercer Co. PA. (2)

1873 Oct 15: The US Gov. issues a patent to John D. Milliken for W/2 SW/4 Sec. 34-T21S-R3E, which is about a mile north and east of Coneburg and Peabody, KS.

Those 80 acres contain the local burial ground, which becomes first the Brookdell Cemetery and then the Prairie Lawn Cemetery. (3)

Of Mercer Co. PA (4)

1876 Jul 5: The Millikens sell the NW/4 SW/4 of Sec. 34, which contains the cemetery, to Geo. W. Campbell, G. W. Neal and A. B. Salisbury. (3)

1879: The Milliken family relocates to McPherson, KS. (2)

1880: John is admitted to the practice of law (2) and becomes a legal representative of the Union Pacific Railroad for 20 years. (9)

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