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Martin Mylin

1710 Sep 23: Martin Meylin and his family are among about 30 Mennonite immigrants to arrive in Philadelphia, PA from Switzerland on the ship Mary Hope. (1 p164, p171)


1728 April 1-2: About 200 Mennonites and others meet at the house of Martin Meylin to sign a petition to become naturalized so that they can own land and have the same privileges as natural-born subjects of Pennsylvania (PA). (2)

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Meylin Gun Shop at Green Arrow

Pennsylvania Long Rifle

Martin Meylin invented the Pennsylvania Long Rifle at this gun shop near his home. The plaque on it reads as follows:

"Martin Meylin, 1670-1749, gunsmith of Switzerland settled here in the Pequea Valley in 1710 and made in this gun shop the earliest known Pennsylvania or so called Kentucky Rifle. He was the first of a group of Lancaster County rifle makers who prior to 1745 originated and gave to America that historic and colorful firearm." (3)

Martin Meylin Gun Shop, 2013
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