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Weaverland: Settlement-Settlers-Graveyard and Its Four Plantations
M. G. Weaver
1933 Nov

Table of Contents

 1 Title

 2 Foreward

 3 Early History Traced Through
   Weaverland Cemetery

 6 Weaverland Map

 7 Key to Map

20 Henry Weber's Section

22 George Weber's Section

24 Jacob Weber's Section

27 David Martin Section

28 Peter Martin Cabin

32 Monument to Early Settlers

Weaverland     Map Key
Area 6 is Blue Ball, PA

Digital images of pages provided by Romaine Stauffer. -- dg 2014 Aug 6


o M. G. Weaver, "Weaverland: Settlement-Settlers-Graveyard and Its Four Plantations" (New Holland, PA: 1933 Nov). Also localhost/family/peo...3/Weaverland/hs.html (2014 Aug 6). Weaverland, PA.

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