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1875 Nov 1: Born in Tipton Co., IN to Jacob Gaiser and Sarah Petry. (1, p247, 249)

1896 Feb 4: Isaac B. Good marries Elizabeth May Gaiser. (1, p237)

  1897 Oct 16: Archie Lloyd
  1901 Jan 18: Oliver Floyd
  1904 Oct 22: John Samuel
  1906 Apr  1: Grace Esther
  1908 Mar  1: Charles Irvin

I. B. and Lizzie live for a few years on a farm 3-4 miles southeast of Peabody, KS, where their son Archie was born. (2)

Then, they lived a few years on the farm owned by I. B.'s father Joel northwest of Peabody, about 1.5 miles north of the Catlin Mennonite Church. (2)

1900 Oct 20: I. B. and Lizze buy their "Home 80" on the section west of the Catlin Church for $1800 (3), and they move there in the spring of 1901 (2). This land was purchased from the Larks, and it was homesteaded in 1887 by Robert Christian. (3)

1918 Apr 27: Letter from I. B. to his siblings circulating a deed for the sale of the farm of their father Joel Good. (11)

1918 May 1: I. B. and Lizzie buy the "Old Massel Farm" from Herman & Mabel Massel for $3000. (4,12) This 80 acres is diagonally across the road from the Catlin Mennonite Church. It was homesteaded in 1880 by James W. Eakin (4), who is buried at the church cemetery.

1917-1918: I. B. Good home photos. (7)

1937: I. B. and Lizzie move into Peabody at 405 Olive St. (1 p79) (2)

Their son Irvin continues to live on their farm and operates it for them as a share cropper.

1941 Feb 27: Isaac B. Good dies in Peabody, KS; buried Prairie Lawn Cemetery. (1, p237) (8)

1952 Jun 10: Elizabeth May Gaiser Good dies in Peabody, KS; buried in Prairie Lawn Cemetery. (1, p249) (9)

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