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When Springs Meant Survival (15)
By Ruby E. Ray

"Springs were a most important factor in the settlement of Lincoln County. They were a source, not only of water, but of water safe to drink, if proper care was taken to ensure against pollution. ...

"Some springs were more famous than others and bore names. A few of these were Willow Springs, Dodrill's Spring, Giessler Springs, Dripping Springs and Beeson's Spring. ...

"Dripping Springs Northwest Quarter, Section 13-12N-2E also feeds the south branch of the Quapaw. It was such a beautiful place until a neighbor's son dug up the floor of the ravine to hold the mash barrels of his moonshine operation. ...

"Springs were the source of household water, especially valuable, until wells could be dug (as many were) or drilled. ...

"The Giessler Springs are on Cecil W. Borrell's farm located four miles north of U. S. Highway 62, west of White Rock Road and north of Brittian Road. Abraham Giessler is the first name on the abstract followed by Otto Bierly. Borrell, the fourth owner, bought the farm from Carl Jones.

"The springs are in a boulder-strewn canyon, if I remember correctly. About twelve feet above the canyon floor, a cave is hewn out of the rock wall. There are steps leading up to the cave. Spring water runs right through the cave making an excellent 'refrigerator' for keeping milk, butter, or anything one wished to keep cold.

"Mr. Borrell informs me of several other springs on the school land across the road south of his place. These springs are why Brittian Road is so crooked on this mile."

?? Ruby Ray says "about twelve feet above the canyon floor, a cave is hewn out of the rock wall [with] steps leading up to [it]." Is that where Abraham lived when he first moved onto the land? Is that how it became "Giessler Springs?" -- dg 2011 Nov 30

1906 Oct 20/30: Abraham's father Jacob dies while living with Abraham and Katherine in Oklahoma. (1 p3,247) (2 p101)

?? Where is Jacob buried? His burial site remains unknown. See Jacob for more.
-- dg 2011 Nov 30

1909 Dec 20: Abraham buys SW/4 Sec. 25-13N-2E in Bryan Twp. (4)

1910 Apr 21: The US Census shows Abraham, Katherine and their daughter Hazel (age 7) living in Bryan Twp. of

Lincoln Co. in a household headed by Katherine's brother Otto Bierly. (6)

1910 Nov 14: Otto buys the same 160 acres that Abraham bought on 1909 Dec 20. (7)

1920 Jan: The US census shows Abraham, Katherine and Hazel in Jersey Shore, PA of Lycoming Co. (8)

1921 May 19: Katheryne E Bierly Geiser dies; buried Jersey Shore Cemetery, PA. (16)

1930 Apr 4: The US census shows Abraham in Porter Twp. of Lycoming Co. PA. (9)

1930 Oct 8: Abraham Geiser dies (1,2,3); buried Jersey Shore Cemetery. (17)

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