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1869 Nov: Born in Pennsylvania to Adam and Lucinda Bierly. (4)

1897/9 Aug 4: Abraham Gaiser marries Katherine Bierly. (1,2,3,4)

  1902 Dec 16: Hazel

?? When were Abraham and Katherine married? Three family sources (1,2,3) say 1897, but the US Census of June 1900 (4) states very clearly that they have been married just one year. Have a "7" and a "9" been confused and propogated in the family sources? -- dg 2011 Nov 29

1900 Jun: The US Census shows Abraham and Katherine living in Kickapoo Twp. of Lincoln Co., OK. (4)

1900 Jul 15: Abraham's mother Sarah dies in Peabody, KS. Abraham and Katherine bring his father Jacob to live with them in Oklahoma. (10) (11 fg/1979/eg/004)

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SW/4 Sec. 25-13N-2E in Bryan Twp.

This map shows the boundaries of Abraham's 160 acres on Sec. 25. The green arrow is at their southwest corner. This map shows the road along the south boundary as "Britton Rd," but in 2011, the map from the Lincoln Co. Tax Assessor calls it "1000," and so do the road signs on the ground.

Bryan Twp. (13N-2E), 1903

1903 Dec: Abraham has a homestead on Sec. 25 in Bryan Twp. of Lincoln Co. (13,14) Katherine's brother Otto Bierly is on Sec. 13, just three miles north.

One-lane bridge

This picture looks west along Britton Rd. across a one-lane bridge near the southwest corner of Abraham's land.

Abraham's land contains a spring that becomes known as "Giessler Spring." Ruby Ray tells us more on the next page.

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