John Groh



Is John Groh in the southwest part of this map related to Frances Groh, the second wife of Jacob Good (GC22)?

Note also the Snevely family in the northwest. A Snavely family lived in Peabody, KS in the 1950's. Is there a connection? Spellinng in the 1700's wasn't as precise as it is now.

-- dg 2015 Dec 7

Map from (1)


1. G. Frederick Young, "John Groh and the Earliest Emigration of River Brethern from Pennsylvania to the District of Niagara in Canada in 1788" in Pennsylvania Menonite Heritage (Lancaster, PA: Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society, 1994 Jan), p16-27. Also localhost/family/peo...94/John-Groh/hs.html (2015 Dec 7). John Groh.

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