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Milliken, CO

1906 ___ __: The John D. Milliken family relocates to Denver, CO. (5)

1906 Feb 19: The Denver, Laramie, and Northwestern Railway Co., with William E. Skinner as Treasurer and John D. Milliken as General Counsel, is created to build a railroad connecting Denver, Laramie and Seattle. (6 p10)

?? Is William E. Skinner related to Mellie V. Skinner Milliken? -- dg 2011 Jul 26

The new railroad runs east of Hillsboro, Colorado, where a new station is built. It is called Milliken Station after John D. Milliken, and a new town of "Milliken" is planned around the new station. (7 p19) (8)

1910 Oct 1: Milliken annexes Hillsboro, and the State of Colorado recognizes the town of Milliken, CO. (9)

1917: The Denver, Laramie, and Northwestern Railway Co. is bankrupt. (10)

1927 Nov 10: Mellie V. Skinner Milliken dies. (5)

1943 Dec 11: John D. Milliken dies. (11)

J. D. Milliken's New Home
No date

"This frame residence in Milliken, Weld County, Colorado, has a dormer, brick chimney, and wrap around, covered porch. It is the property of John D. Milliken, for whom the town was named." (12)

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