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Also known as "John."

Johannes Huber marries Elizabeth ______ .
(1, A49)
           : Johannes
           : Catherine
1803 Feb 14: Elizabeth
           : Susanna
           : Magdalene
           : Christian
           : Jacob

All of these children are mentioned in Johannes' will. (1, A55-56) (2)

1815: Daughter Magdalena marries John Beery. (1, A49)

1816: Son Johannes marries Anna Smith, then Mary Cochenaur in 1823. (1, A49)

1818: Johannes' brother Jacob (a native of Lancaster Co., PA) comes to Ohio. (1, A49)

1818 Nov 27: Date of Johannes' will, prepared in Fairfield Co., OH. A codicil is dated Dec 30. (1, A49) The excerpts (2) have a link to an English translation of this will. This will passes at least 640 acres on to his children. See the notes on the will in (2) for the location of these lands and who inherited them.

1819 Daughter Catherine marries Henry Keller. (1, A49)

1819 Sep 16: Deed for land in Fairfield Co., OH issued to John Huber under President James Monroe. (1, A48)

Question: This deed is for some of the same land as in his 1818 will. Now, just how did he will that land to his daughters before he owned it? Perhaps 1819 Sep 16 is only the registration date rather than the date of the actual sale. (1, A49)

Question: This deed says "...payment has been made for the South West quarter of Section Six in Township fourteen of Range Sixteen containing two hundred and seventy eight acres...." A quarter of a section contains only 160 acres. Where are the other 118 acres? This may be just a recording error, or it may be a quarter section that really does contain 278 acres. That sometimes was done to compensate for surveying errors. The quarter section mentioned in the deed also is mentioned in Johannes' will.

1820 US Census, Amanda Twp., Fairfield Co., OH. A John Hoover appears on this census. (3) Is he Johannes?

John Hoover, head of family, Line 6
Age      M F
Under 10   1  
10-16    1
16-18    1
16-26    1
26-45      1
45 & up    1
Engaged in agriculture 1

1820 Son Christian marries Judith Shaeffer (1, A49)

1820 Jun 29: Daughter Elizabeth marries Jacob Huber.

1821 Son Jacob marries Mary Spitters, then Barbara Fisher in 1838. (1, A49)

1823 Son Johannes marries second wife Mary Cochenour. (1, A49)

1837 Dec 5: Date of Elizabeth's will (in German). (1, A49)

1838 Son Jacob marries second wife Barbara Fisher. (1, A49)

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