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1864: In the fall, to reduce a major source of food to the Confederacy, General Grant orders the destruction or confiscation of crops and livestock in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, the "breadbasket of the confederacy." General Sheridan is the one who executes these orders, and under his command is the "boy general" William Armstrong Custer.

This area includes Rockingham Co., VA, where Joel's grandparents Joseph and Magdalena lived before they moved to Ohio in 1811. Joel still has many Good and Beery relatives in Rockingham Co.

1865 Apr 9: The end of the US Civil War begins with General Lee surrendering to General Grant at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia.

1865 Apr 14, Good Friday: US President Abraham Lincoln is assassinated. Union supporters go instantly from a state of celebration to a state of mourning.

1865 Apr 29: On this Saturday, Lincoln's funeral train stops in Columbus, Ohio from 7:00am to 8:00pm on its way to Illinois.

In May, Joel's father David moves to Page Co., IA, and so does his brother Aaron.

1865 May 26: The last of the Confederate army surrenders at Shreveport, Louisiana.

1866 Feb 21: While still living in Perry Co., Joel and Susanna sell 279 acres to Jacob Huber, probably her brother. (13 Appendix p32)
    Susanah Huber to Jacob Huber
    $    Acres Location
    1670 278.9 Perry Co.
               SW/4 6-14N-17W

Part of this Land. 2008 Jul 23

This land contains Susanna's childhood home. Her mother [an error occurred while processing this directive] inherited it from her father Johannes, and he purchased it from the US government under President James Monroe.

Later, oil is discovered under this land as part of the 1907 Bremen oil boom, and it is still producing. Enlarging the picture above shows a pump jack on the left.

?? How can a quarter section be 278.9 acres instead of 160? A 2000 county map of Perry Co. shows that Sec. 6 is about 1.5 miles from east to west, instead of one. This sometimes happens to correct for surveying errors or the curvature of the earth. -- dg 2009 Apr 23

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