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1835 Nov 22: Born near Bremen, OH in Fairfield Co., OH to David Good and Susanah Beery (1 p68) (17)

Joel tells his grandson Floyd that, as a boy, there were deer and bear in the woods around where they lived. Joel's father, David, once shot a bear that had mauled a sow that was running loose in the woods. (10)

Joel and his older brother Aaron once cornered a deer in the barn lot and killed it with an axe. Their father gave them a good scolding because a deer often fights with its front feet, and they can be deadly. (10)

1855 Jan 15: Joel's mother Susanah dies.

1856 Oct 23: Joel's father remarries Lydia Beery Engle Stemen.

1861 Apr 12: The US Civil War begins with the Confederate army taking Ft. Sumter at Charleston, South Carolina.

Joel grew up on his father's farm in the valley of Rush Creek about six miles south and a bit west of Bremen. In 1861, he was 26, and eligible for conscription into the Union Army, yet, so far as we know, he did not serve.

?? How did he handle this? It was legal to buy his way out or to pay someone to serve for him, or ...? -- dg 2009 Apr 22

For more about the war and the Good family, see the pages for Joel's father David.

1863 Dec 28: Susanna's mother Elisabeth dies.

1864 Mar 3: Joel Good and Susanna Huber are married by Samuel Tussing in Perry Co., OH. (17)

   1866 Jul 26: George
   1869 Feb 22: Isaac B.
   1871 Sep 18: Benjamin Franklin
   1874 Apr 29: Charles Aaron
   1877 Jan  6: John Henry
   1879 Apr 11: Emanuel E.
   1881 Jun 15: Fannie
   1884 Aug 23: Minnie Alice

The dates of the marriage and the births of the children are from the Joel Good family Bible. (17)

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