Jane Mercedes Huguenin


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Chuck, Rick, Marica, Don

1914 Nov 23: Born near Peabody, KS to Oscar Huguenin and Frances Pearl Lauck with grandmother Emma Lauck attending.
(1 p257)

Lives near Windham, MT. (1)

Lives near Sejita, TX. (1)

Returns to Peabody, KS. (1)

Notes and pictures of early homes in and around Peabody.

1941 Apr 13: Charles Irvin Good marries Jane Mercedes Huguenin in Peabody, KS. (1)

  1942 Dec  1: Donald Irvin
  1945 Nov  6: Marcia Lee
  1954 Oct 17: Richard Eugene
  1955 Sep  7: Charles Edward

1947-48: Post-war letters from German POW and friend Siegfried Krebs.

1971 Jan 22: Charles Irvin Good dies from automobile accident; buried Prairie Lawn Cemetery. (1)

2001 Nov 12: Jane Mercedes Huguenin Good dies of cancer at Newton Medical Center, Newton, KS; buried Nov 16 Prairie Lawn Cemetery.

Family Material

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