Wed, 04 July 2001
Tour of Jane Huguenin homes
Jane, Chuck and Don Good

Mom (Jane) took brother Chuck and I (Don) on a tour of all the many places where she lived while she was growing up in Peabody, KS.  Chuck drove.  Mom navigated.  I took some notes and pictures.

Lauck Farm.  This was the farm owned by her grandparents Edwin Deitz Lauck and Emma Jane Meyer.   The farm is on the SW corner of the intersection of 20th and Quail Creek. Only the silo is still standing.  There used to be a big barn, two big chicken houses, and a good sized people house.   The silo was west of the barn.  Mom didn't live here, but she spent time here.
Here's how to get there from Peabody's Potter's Corner.

Go 4 miles south on Old Mill to its intersection with 20th.  There used to be a school house on the NW corner of this intersection.

Go 2 miles east on 20th to its intersection with Quail Creek.

A Heath house was located 1/2 mi east of the Old Mill and 20th.

The Laucks went to church at the Fairplay (?Methodist) church.  It was one mile west of their farm on the SE corner of what is now the intersection of 20th and Pawnee.

Now on to places where Jane lived in Peabody.

5th & Pine (NW corner of intersection).  This is where the Oscar Huguenin family lived right after they returned from TX when Jane was in about the 4th grade.  They rented this place, and lived there for maybe a year.

307 Elm.  They moved then when Jane was in the 5th grade, and they owned this place.

Labette County.  This is not in Peabody!   The family moved to Labette Co just before Jane's sophomore year in high school, and they were there for about one year.  Jane's dad, Oscar,  supervised the reconstruction of his brother Ed's farm which had been damaged by a tornado.

805 Plum.  This is where they lived after returning from Labette Co.  Jane kept house for her dad Oscar while her mother Pearl was caring for someone in Marion, KS.

511 N Olive.  Christian Church Parsonage.  They lived there so that the church could collect (? $25/mo) rent.

306 Elm.  This where they lived when Jane graduated from high school

??? Elm.  They owned this place.  It is where Jane and Irvin got married.  (This place currently has no visible address.  It is located across the street from Peabody Elementary School.)

From here, Irvin and Jane went to live of the I. B. Good farm NW of Peabody.

Oscar and Pearl went next to Cottonwood Falls.  When they returned to Peabody, they first lived above the DeForest hatchery, and then in the house they built on Sycamore street.