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1824 Oct 25: Born in Volhynia (Ukraine) to Christian and Katharina Mündelheim Stucky. (1)

1849: Jacob Stucky marries Anna Waltner. (1)

  Eight children grew to maturity.

1851 May 29: Jacob is elected to the Mennonite ministry. (1)

1861: A Mennonite congregation moves from Eduardsdorf (Poutchy) to the area of Kotosufka and Neumanufka. (2)

1862 Sep 29: Jacob is ordained as Elder. (1)

A church is built between Kotosufka and Neumanufka, and it is served by Elder Jacob Stucky. (2)

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1874: Anna Waltner dies shortly before the Aug 6 emigration. (1)

1874 Aug 6: With encouragement by the Santa Fe Railroad and the assistance of Jacob Goering, Jacob leads his congregation of 73 families from Kotosufka to America, where they found the Hopefield Mennonite Church near Moundridge, KS. (1)

1874 Sep-Oct: The Santa Fe brings the immigrants to Peabody, KS, where they stay in temporary quarters while the men leave on foot to find land suitable for settlement.

Jacob Stucky (1)

While the men are away, many of the children became sick and about a dozen die. These Hopefield Children are buried on the farm of Henry Hornberger, and today, that burial ground is contained within the Catlin Community Cemetery.

1879 May 2: Jacob Stucky marries Barbara Kaufmann Voran. (1)

1893 Apr 24: Jacob Stucky dies; buried Hopefield Mennonite Church cemetery, Moundridge, KS.

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