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Jacob Good (GA) (3 p12)
Jacob Good of Conestoga (3 p12) (7)
Jacob Gut (?GG5811/GA) (6 p27)
Jacob Gutt (GA) (3 p11)
Jacob Guth (GA) (8 p19)

1657 ca.: Born. (3 p12)

1679 Feb 18: Jacob Gutt (GA), a "Wiedertauffer", marries ________, a daughter of Vincentz Meyer the younger, at the Reformed Church of Steinsfurt, DE. (3 p11)

  1680 ca.: Jacob (?GA1 3p12)
  1682 ca.: Hans  (?GA2 3p13)

1687: "Widtauffer Jacob Gut (GA)" from "Michelfeld, a small village about six miles west of Sinsheim" marries _________, a "Widtauffern." (3 p11)

  1695 ca.: Barbara (?GA3 3p15)

?? Are these two marriages for the same Jacob Gut? Both are recorded at the Reformed Church of Steinsfurt. The first is for "Jacob Gutt." The second is for "Jacob Gut." Following (3 p11), we assume here that they are the same person, but the church records do not say that explicitly. -- dg 2009 Nov 2

1730 Apr 22: The estate inventory of Jacob Good of Conestoga is filed in Lancaster Co., PA. (7)

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