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1852 Mar 22: Born in Waterloo Twp., Waterloo Co., Ontario, Canada to Joel Good and [an error occurred while processing this directive]. (1 p22) (2)

1872 Nov 19: Isaac Good marries Mary Clemmer. (2,5,6)

  1874 ___ __: Samantha L.
  1876 ___ __: Emma M.
  1878 May __: Agnes V.
  1880 Feb __: Jacob C.
  1882 Oct __: Mary

Isaac's obituary lists these daughters
  Mrs. E. M. Umbach
  Mrs. W. A. Stauffer (Emma M.)
  Mrs. C. Schlotterbeck
  Mrs. Jacob Siebert (Agnes V.)
It also says they adopted twin girls in Ontario.

Isaac and Mary begin their life together on a farm in Waterloo Co., Ontario. (2)

1878: Isaac and Mary move to a farm one mile north of Canada, KS (4 p133), and Isaac enters the real estate business. (2)

1880 Jun 14,15: US Census. Isaac and Mary and living with four of their children, Samantha, Emma, Agnes, and Jacob, and two boarders in Gale Twp. of Marion Co., KS. (5) Canada, Kansas is in southern Gale Twp.

Late 1880s: Isaac establishes a bank in Hillsboro, KS and continues to operate it for about five years. (2)

1898: Isaac becomes Vice-President of the State Bank of Commerce. (2)

1900: Isaac becomes interested in Oklahoma real estate, and eventually devloped an extensive business there, which was managed by his son J. C. Good and son-in-law C. Schlotterbeck. (2)

1900 Jun 26,27: US Census. Isaac and Mary are living in Gale Twp. of Marion Co. with three of their children Agnes, Jacob, and Mary, and two "wards," Mable and Mildred Brambel. (6)

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