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This is a hypertext history, therefor whenever appropriate and possible, links are provided between the various sources (e.g. footnotes or bibliographies in the history volumes link to the target material whenever it is included on HyperWar or other "official" web sites.


General Accounts
American Military History, Maurice Matloff, Gen. Ed. (Center of Military History: 1973)

Diplomatic History
(Political Papers, Policy Statements, Treaties, Declarations of War, Surrender Documents, etc.)

Pacific Theater of Operations
"East Wind, Rain"
[War Comes to China and the Pacific (1900-1941)]

"Rising Sun"
[Japanese Conquests (Philippines, Wake, Guam, Malaya, East Indies, etc: 12/41-5/42)]
The Tide Turns
[Doolittle Raid, Coral Sea, Midway--4/42-7/42]
"...I've Served My Time in Hell"
[The Struggle for Guadalcanal (8/42-1/43)]
The Bismarcks
[New Georgia, Bougainville, etc.]
New Guinea
[MacArthur's war in the jungle]
"Their Only Armor..."
[The Seizure of Tarawa and the Gilberts (11/43)]
Seizure of the Marshalls
[Kwajalein, Roi-Namur: 1944]
Seizure of the Marianas
[Guam, Saipan, Tinian: 1944]
"Prelude to the Philippines"
[Seizure of the Admiralties, Carolines, & Palaus (Peleliu): 1944]
"I Have Returned"
[Liberation of the Philippines]
"Uncommon Valor"
[The Battle for Iwo Jima (2-3/45)]
"The Final Battle"
[The Seizure of Okinawa (4-5/45)]
"The Fat Lady Sings"
[Victory in the Pacific (Air War, Surrender, Occupation)]

European Theater of Operations
(including Atlantic, North African, Mediterranean and Near Eastern theaters)
"Round One"
[Poland, Scandinavia, Low Countries, France, Battle of Britain (1939-1941)]

Battle of the Atlantic
[The war against the U-boats, Iceland]
[The U.S. Build-up in the U.K.]

The Eastern Front
[Balkans, Greece, Russia]
North Africa
[The desert war, TORCH]
The Mediterranean
[Sicily, Italy]
Southern France
[ ]
The Mediterranean Air War
[ ]
[Normandy invasion: 1944]
Northern France
[From break-out to the Rhine: 1944]
The Ardennes
[Battle of the Bulge]
The Last Campaign
[Germany, Central Europe]
The Air War over Europe
[ ]
Surrender & Occupation
[After the war; Nuremberg trials]

China-Burma-India Theater of Operations

The American Theater of Operations
Defense of the Americas, Military & Industrial Mobilization, and Domestic Impact of the War

By Country and Service:


Appendices and Other Source Material

Other Useful Sources

23 April 2009

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