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1883 Jul 1: Born in Northern Germany. (1)

1894 ca. : Herman came to the United States and made his home at Harrisonville, MO. (1)

1910 Feb 16: Herman E. Massel marries Mabel L. Harnish. (1)

  1910 Oct 20: Harold William (6)

1910: The Massels "at once established their home in Kansas, living on a farm near Peabody." (1)

1910 Dec 3: Their infant son Harold dies at Trousdale, KS; buried Pennsylvania Mennonite Church. (3)

1918 Apr 27: Letter from Isaac B. Good to his siblings circulating a deed for the sale of the farm of their father Joel Good. (7)

?? Is the land being sold E/2 SE/4 Sec. 6-21S-3E of Catlin Twp.? -- dg 2012 Jun 27

This 1902 atlas of Marion Co. (9) shows this land belonging to I. Good (Sec. 18) and Joel Good (Sec. 6). It also shows the Catlin Church (Sec. 17) and the Weaver School (Sec. 7).

1914 Sep 22: Herman E. Massel buys the land on Sec. 18 owned by J. W. Eaken in 1902. (11)

1918 May 1: I. B. and Lizzie buy the "Old Massel Farm" on S/2 NE/4 Sec. 18-21S-3E from Herman & Mabel Massel for $3000. (8) These 80 acres are diagonally across the road from the Catlin Mennonite Church.

?? Was Herman Massel the buyer of Joel's farm that I. B. was referring to in his letter of April 27? -- dg 2012 Jun 27

This 1921 atlas of Marion Co. (10) shows I. B. Good owning the land he bought from H. Massel in 1918 (Sec. 18), and H. Massel owning the land that Joel Good owned in 1902 (Sec.6).

1941 Mar 24: Herman E. Massel dies at Peoria, IL; buried Roanoke Mennonite Cemetery. (1,4)

1961 Oct 2: Mabel L. Harnish Massel dies; buried Roanoke Mennonite Cemetery. (2,5)

1902 Atlas
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1921 Atlas
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